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2017 kidding season was busy but without complications for the most part. The one big heart breaker was that we lost SGCH Sir Echo Britti after an emergency C-section that was done to save her kids. We are very pleased to have both of her bucks in the loving arms of Deb Manglesdorf and Colleen Bauer where they are greatly appreciated and well cared for. There was not an obvious reason for the very quick decline the end of January and it was a tremendous loss. Britt was a very strong doe having achieved much during her life here.

ADGA National Show Placings: Linear Appraisal: PTI/ET:
2015: 4th place Aged Doe 2014: 6-04  92  EEEE  
2013: 5th place 5 & 6 year old 2013:  5-03  90  EEEV PTI21:  71
2012: 1st place 4 year old 2012:  4-04  91  VEEE PTI12: 62
Reserve Grand Champion 2011:  3-03  89  E+EV ETA21: N/A
2010 1st place 2 year old 2010:  2-02  88  VEEV ETA12: N/A
2009: 9th place Yearling Milker 2009:  1-06  89  VEEV  

Britti's dam, SGCH Sir Echo Brickers, was the first Oberhasli ever to achieve the score of 92 EEEE, and shared that with one other doe that year. Brickers National Show placings include 3 times in the top 4 in her classes over the years.

Brickers dam, SGCH Sir Echo Bray 90 EEEE, is the strength of many, many animals in our own herd as well as many others throughout the country using our genetics. Bray placed in the top 5 placings 3 times at the National Show.

We mourn this loss but continue to enjoy the strength of that dam line and the effect is has had on our herd.

We have found much joy in every other aspect while showing in AZ, CA, WI, and TX. We continue to thoroughly enjoy our efforts to work on genetic development in our Oberhasli and are thrilled and grateful to have placed some hopeful animals in the care of several herds throughout the country that are committed to continuing those efforts in their own hers. We benefit so much from those efforts and we are so appreciative  to them and wish the best for their success.

We are very pleased to have been acknowledged in 2017 for Elite Doe status and Superior Genetics in our herd as well as another 92 EEEE score with SG Sir Echo Lightening at 05-11. Stats as follows:

Production Type Index (PTI) and Estimated Transmitting Ability (ETA)

PTI21: 79     PTI12:  92     ETA21: 31     ETA12: 35

We are very excited about our 2018 kidding season with THREE successful AIs and many promising breedings that will highlight some of the strongest genetics in our herd!

Our memories of the 2017 ADGA National Show



2015 National Show Awards


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