Sir Echo Farm's "Chestnut" Project

In the spring of 2009 we had our first Chestnut Oberhasli. Void of any black markings, we immediately posted our pics of this beautiful goat and were encouraged to get in touch with Dr. Phil Sponenberg DVM PhD at Virginia Tech University. Dr. Sponenberg is a renowned color geneticist and very well published.

Dr. Sponenberg was very intrigued as he had suspected that this was a genetic possibility in the Oberhasli but figured it just had not been made public. He asked if we wanted to participate in a study that was happening in Italy on animals with the Agouti gene and we agreed. That study never resulted in any conclusions but he has taken time to publish an article on Chessie in Dairy Goat Journal with his thoughts about that, as well as currently doing his own study on both the Chestnut animals as well as Black Oberhasli here in the U.S.


Baby Chessie Chessie as a yearling milker 3rd place Rec. Grade 2010 Nationals

We have had a handful of other Chestnut animals over the years and for the last few years have been working with Sir Echo Bricr and Sir Echo It's All About Me (Itsa). Bricr's dam is SGCH Sir Echo Britti 92 EEEE and Itsa's dam is SGCH Sir Echo Sunrise 92 EEEE. With two of our top does having presented us with these chestnut animals, we took their appearance here as a nudge from the universe to step our our research. We were encouraged to breed these two for a few years to provide Dr. Sponenberg with the additional ability to research this genetic phenomenon.  As expected by him, we had our first Chestnut progeny from these two in the Spring of 2015, Sir Echo Brit, and he is happily residing and working at In Theory Farm in North Carolina with Lindsey Cobb.

We had a beautiful chestnut buck born from the Itsa/Bricr breeding, and he has been retained. We also had a beautiful chestnut doe born from Brettz so we now have our newest breeding pair and they have been bred for 2018 kids!! We have moved Itsa and Bricr to Christine Knoblauch who plans to continue to work with the Chestnut Oberhasli in Colorado.

Sir Echo Bricr

Sir Echo It's All About Me (Itsa)

Dam of Bricr: SGCH Sir Echo Britti 92 EEEE

Dam of Itsa: SGCH Sir Echo Sunrise 92 EEEE

2015 Chestnut buck kid out of Itsa X Bricr
Owned by Lindsey Cobb, In Theory Farm, North Carolina
Our Chestnuts
Baby Chessie Itsa and Bricr buck kid born spring 2015

Itsa and Bricr

More Itsa and Bricr

Please check back often for updates on our Chestnut project and feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Look for updates next spring on upcoming new Chestnut additions to the herd.


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