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Brianna - Mom of 3 of our grandchildren. Makenna Grace, 11 years old, Hudson Chase, 9 years old and Hazel Bennett 3 years old. Makenna is my constant weekend companion! She is a great traveling goat show girl which I am thrilled about!!

Dylan - Laura and Dylan have given us a beautiful granddaughter, Olivia, 3 years old and one of the newest additions, Barrett John! Barn builder, welder, hay stacker, designer and welder for goat trailer, etc. He has been very helpful with large projects on the farm including a lot of hard work on the new barn!!! More busy now than ever but can always be depended on when I call and need him. Very cute and strong besides!! He has a house just over 2 miles away.

Lauren - Lauren and Chase, of course, blessed us with our THIRD, FOURTH and FIFTH grandchildren! Their daughter, Laney Rose, 9 years old, is a very bright spot in my life and LOVES every animal on the farm! The 7 year old twins, Elsie and Wade,  are amazing and they are such delightful little kids! This group lives in Flagstaff and we manage to see them quite often in spite of that!!

Cassidi - Cassidi and Nick have Eliza, 5 years old and Penelope, 3 years old, and the other newest addition, Dean Arthur.  It is hard for both of them to be working, but with her flexible schedule and their team approach to parenting they are all doing great! We sure do love that they live just 1 1/2 miles away!

Always dreamed of having a mountain to run the goats up and down. Prerequisite for purchasing this property much to my family's chagrin! The swirling sun in the name is a symbol for a strong woman and the goats are golden just because they are! The mountain and the cactus are the epitome of Sir Echo Farm here in the Sonoran Desert. Designed by Denise Kindall, my friend. She climbed the mountain with us and was inspired to give us this beautiful logo.

The Barn - A true labor of love and a gift from my entire family. A goat girl's dream come true. Most grateful appreciation to all the boys who are extended family and friends of my kids, who have over the years made all my dreams come true. From the trees not being disturbed during the building, to the beautiful loft where I sleep during kidding season, hot and cold running water in a heated and air conditioned milk room, magnificent feeders, and a picture window made from a sliding glass door at the top of the west end of the barn so that my view of the mountains from the loft was not disturbed!! Added a new 60 x 40 barn this year that is the best thing we have done for ourselves out in the farm area of the house! It houses all vehicles and hay and includes a 15 X 40 workshop!!!

And of course the goats - I am most grateful to Leta Davis and Colleen Monahan for my start in my Oberhasli herd. Without those animals I would never be having the breeding program I have today. Thanks go also to Lorrie Echols, Jean White, Chris Alexander, Kristin Loughlin, Suzanne Strong, On*Oak*Hill and the Swiss Breeders for sharing their genetics through the wonderful world of AI.


The ADGA National Show - Of course, an extension of the goats is being able to exhibit them at various shows throughout the country and that means, for us, attending the ADGA National Show whenever it is possible. We love being able to show off our girls, talk genetics with other breeders and get together with good friends. An added bonus is being able to spend time together and getting to see so many lovely places throughout our nation.  Please share some great memories of our very first venture at the ADGA National Show in 2002 in Pueblo, Colorado. Just click on the below photos to open them in .pdf format.

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